Journey Of Your Heart

The heart is the hub of life, of existence itself, it is the central point of the beyondness that is forever bursting into existence in all directions at all times.

It is who “you” are – the very one that is flowing through the very eyes of this mindbody that you are falsely identifying yourself as being. It is “you” that is bursting forth into existence and you are going to learn all about this “you” of you through being “you”.

You are not going to learn about “you” while you persist in being stuck within the guidance of a mind informed mindbody that has you believing that you are something other than who “you” are.

It appears that accepting ideas and words as the fact of what they represent will help you to come to understand this great matter of who “you” are – and on the gradual movement of perpetuating who you think you are this all looks very valid to you.

The message here though, is that this “you” of you is already free; it is already complete; there is no more for you to do but to “be” this “you” that is already the happening thing of you.

To enter this journey of your heart requires you to learn immediately not only what this “you” of you actually is but also to learn to find this “you” in any given moment when you awaken to the fact of you having lost sight of this “you” – where you find yourself having been distracted by the arisings of the dance of life through your mindbody.

To awaken to this “you” that is already flowing through the eyes of this mindbody that you find yourself flowing through, you must learn to find this “you” and you must learn to stop at and as this “you”.

There is absolutely no getting around this. To come to the immediacy of the realization of who “you” are and to the conscious living of this one, you must begin to immediately do something about finding yourself out of the bind and imprisonment of where you currently find yourself being lost in.

“You” are not a separated someone attempting to find your way back to some harmonious heaven where you will be relieved of perpetuating your consistent and persistent “pull over” of trying to be this isolated something that was never true of you in the first place.

You are already this “you” that you have constantly been attempting to find – in the hope of being relieved of your current situation of pain and misery – and it is not tied up in the knowing of all of the “right” words.

You are now free to “be” who “you” are if you so wish but you will actually have to “be” this “you” of you though, instead of continuing on with trying to be who you think you are. You will have to learn to find it and to stop at and as it.

All this you can do because “you” are.

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