Assess – Are You a Victim or a Victor?

Assess in today’s world means to evaluate or test something or someone. Yet, the origins of the word assess are French have nothing to do with testing, but rather to “set a rate” usually for property, fines or damages. This setting of a rate established a benchmark. Today, we establish many benchmarks both personally and professionally from which to measure our performance, our results, our success and our happiness.

These benchmarks can be grouped into different areas. Denis Waitley’s Wheel of Fortune identified 8. Zig Ziglar’s Wheel of Life saw 7. My first personal Life Wheel had 6 and now contains 8.

No matter which Wheel one uses, each area within that wheel needs to be assessed by establishing a benchmark that is revisited on a consistent and regular basis through a goal setting and achievement process. These benchmarks become assessments as the individual moves closer to the goal to master success. The goals help us to continually move forward even when life’s challenges may push us backwards.

Imagine for a moment a wheel that is lopsided and envision that wheel traveling down the road of life. The ride obviously will be quite bumpy and the performance is very poor.

Now, visualize a wheel that is balanced traveling down that same road. This ride would be much smoother and the performance greatly enhanced.

If you had to make a choice between the two wheels, which one would you choose? I believe that most of us would select the balanced wheel because no one likes to bump along a road when one can have a much smoother ride. After all, why make life any harder than it already is?

Unfortunately, many people fail to take the time to assess their own Life’s Wheel and then experience uncomfortable, bumpy rides and life becomes more reactive instead of proactive. These individuals then become victims to the road of life instead of being Victors. With a fresh New Year just beginning, possibly now is the time to assess your life and be the victor whose Life’s Wheel is balanced and fueled by consistent goal achievement.

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